Banks are carefully studying potential borrowers, and the requirement to register a client is one of the prerequisites. But is it possible to get a cash loan without a residence permit, where to go and how to get money, consider in this article.

Do banks give loans to clients without registration?

Do banks give loans to clients without registration?

Banking organizations take risks when issuing a loan. Based on how dangerous the transaction may be in terms of the fact that the funds will not be returned, the bank sets an interest rate or even makes a decision to refuse the loan.

Relations between the borrower and the lender are regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the terms and conditions of the contract. Thus, when signing a document, the parties must indicate their address. Can I get a loan without a residence permit in this case? There is also a chance for those clients who are in status without permanent registration, that is, if a potential borrower has a temporary registration at the moment.

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One of the requirements for borrowers from banking companies is the presence of a permanent residence. But it often happens that money may be needed by those people who currently live outside the place of residence.

This is possible if a person is studying in another city or the place of work is located outside the region of permanent residence. For banks, these are also potential customers to lend to. Therefore, a bank without a residence permit and registration will give the bank to a solvent borrower on special terms. In the absence of permanent registration in the passport, the bank can offer the following alternatives:

  • provide movable or immovable property as collateral. In the case of transfer of an apartment, the client cannot provide a single property;
  • to provide the transaction with a surety, who has a residence permit in the region.

It should be borne in mind that the mortgage apartment can be realized in favor of debt repayment, if the client is unable to repay the loan. Banking companies give a loan without permanent registration to borrowers no more than 60% of the assessed value of housing.

Where can I get a loan? We recommend contacting large companies such as Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank and others. These organizations have wide representation in many regions of Russia. After all, one of the conditions for taking a loan without a residence permit in a passport in the current region for a bank is to have a representative office in the area where the client’s temporary registration is registered.

At the same time, the period for which it is possible to issue a loan under such conditions must be equal to the duration of the temporary stay. If the registration is for 3 years, then the loan can be issued for a period of not more than 3 years. In addition, the banking company will require:

  • good credit history without delinquency;
  • solvency, documented, i.e. credit without references in this situation will not work.




Brokerage companies are organizations that can competently answer the question of whether it is possible to take a loan without a residence permit. At its core, a broker is an intermediary between a borrower and banking companies. A client who has applied to such an organization asks to provide possible options for bank loans.

Brokers, with experience in working with banks, will give a list of offers where you can take out a loan without registering, providing contacts of banking companies and conditions under the agreement. Brokerage agencies should be contacted if banks refuse to borrow, when they search for themselves, and there are no options where to get a loan. As services are paid and prepayment of 100% is possible.

The cost of this work includes:

  • client consultation on which bank will be able to give a loan;
  • preparation of applications directly to a number of companies, giving an increase in the chances of approval of the transaction;
  • preparation of documents signed in the conditions on request to the borrower;
  • full control of the transaction, which gives a positive result.

Let’s consider the average prices for brokerage services. They depend on the type of loan and the amount of funding. In the case of a mortgage or auto loan, the broker will take up to 2%. A consumer loan must be prepared to pay up to 10% of the loan.




Another option for obtaining financing is to apply to a microfinance organization. The advantage of this lending option is that the whole process can be carried out online. The whole procedure can take no more than 30 minutes. After this time, the funds will be credited to the card account, and they can already be used.

The company will not require to provide guarantors or provide a transaction with collateral. And the question of registration is not urgent. For registration you need only a passport. You do not need to confirm your income or have an impeccable credit history.

This lending option is easily accessible. But this is due to the terms of the contract. The interest rate can reach from 0.5 to 1% per day, and the loan amount will not exceed 150,000 rubles, with the maximum time for which you need to return the money up to 6 months.

Long-term cooperation with microfinance organizations will not allow to receive more lucrative offers. Such relationships should be considered as a fallback when there are no other alternatives.

Thus, processing loans without a residence permit is a very real option. Of course, the conditions will be somewhat worse than with the standard processing of a loan in your region and with income confirmation and a good credit history. But even if banking companies refuse to contract, there are always alternatives.

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