Those who need a certain amount of money but do not have savings can apply for personal payday loans, ideal for those who want to repair the car, buy new furniture, go on vacation, pay for medical treatment or pay tuition for the school. children.


Personal payday loan characteristics 

Personal payday loan characteristics 



In reality, credits are for any destination, since it is not necessary to specify what the cash obtained will be used for. In the case of, for example, wanting to buy a vehicle, remodeling the house or starting a business project, another type of loan may be appropriate (pledge, mortgage, for SMEs).


However for the other expenses that may arise from unforeseen or for those in which our salary or savings do not reach, personal payday loans can be an excellent option.


With your partner do you plan to get married but not get the money for the wedding? Do you need to make small renovations in your house?


Do you want to take advantage of an interesting discount to pay for a vacation in cash? Do you have savings but do not want to risk them in full? For all this and much more is that they serve the credits offered by this prestigious bank nationwide.


Personal payday loan terms

Personal payday loan terms



The terms to return the money range between 12 and 48 months (1 to 4 years) with the option to advance fees and settle what you lack without any penalty or additional collection. The annual rate is around 17% plus VAT and does not change if the term is higher or lower.


The requirements to apply for personal payday loans are quite simple to comply with. You can order it if:


You are over 21 years old and under 80 years old

You have been in the same company or job for more than two years

You earn above the minimum required by the bank

Approving the credit you request depends on some factors, such as the total of bank charges does not exceed half of your monthly salary (ie you have no expenses that you can not pay on the credit card or other credits); that you have good credit references (have a positive track record and have not incurred debts in the past) and that you are or are not currently paying another loan.


You can also increase the chances of being approved for the loan if you have a credit card in GoodBank and pay all pending fees and expenses. Another way to “add score” is to choose a longer term to pay off your loan.


What is the documentation that you must submit when requesting personal credits?


1. Complete the loan application


2. Have a valid official documentation, which can be the voter card or passport if you are a foreigner (in that case you must also present the immigration form 2).


3. Carry a proof of address, which can be a receipt for landline, gas, water, property, etc with no more than three months old.


4. Submit proof of income of at least $ 3,000 per month, with a receipt signed by the company and up to three months old.


Some more features of GoodBank personal credits that you should know:


1. Annual interest rate: from 17% and fixed


2.Commission for opening: 2% + VAT


3. Periodicity of commission: Single


4.Plazos: Between 12 and 48 months


5. Early cancellation fees: Not applicable


6. Guarantee or endorsement: Not required


Undoubtedly personal payday loans are a very interesting tool to get from $ 3000 to $ 500,000 with a fixed rate more than convenient (one of the best in the Mexican market) and also allows us to plan long term and not have any surprises .


Documentation and Requirements

loan papers



The credit is granted immediately once all the documentation is presented and all requirements are met. If you wish, you can hire unemployment or accident insurance that covers a problem that does not allow you to continue paying for the loan.


If you are a natural person with or without business activity, between 21 and 80 years old, Mexican or foreigner who has a permanent job for at least two years, you are in a position to apply for one of the personal payday loans.

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