What is the finalized loan and how does it work? How do I apply online? Many credit consumers today require this type of loan. Let’s find out in detail what its features are and how to request it.

What is the finalized loan?

 What is the finalized loan?

The Loan or purposeed loan is a loan that is requested for a very specific purpose, such as to finance the purchase of a service or product.

It is issued by a credit institution and the amount paid is used to pay for the service or product to be paid in installments. Therefore, the bank does not grant any amount of money to the customer, but pays it directly to the commercial operator.

This solution is excellent for those who want to end a sale immediately. To request this type of loan, it is necessary to specify the reason: usually, the finalized loan is chosen for the purchase of products such as furniture, cars, travel, medical care, electronics, etc.

Finalized loan: How does it work?


Like any other type of loan, it is necessary to present the following documents : the applicant’s identity card, the tax code and the situation regarding the income, shown by pay slip.
The finalized loan has a fixed interest rate , with an amortization plan that provides for regular installments with decreasing interest rates and an increasing capital share.

With this system the interest rate is paid immediately with the first monthly installments. Often, pre-amortization periods are provided during which no initial installments are paid. Payment takes place only after a few months or a year.

Finalized loan: How do I apply online?

The finalized loan can also be requested online. Many are the banks that provide forms to fill out online.

Before contacting only one bank, it is advisable to make a Estimate and compare the various commercial offers proposed by the banks to understand which one is the most suitable for our needs.

If you want to receive information or request a personalized estimate, contact a Molly Bloom Consultant and find out what our business proposal is most in line with your needs!

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